Ninja Sword Selection

If you're tired of poking around in noisy and overpriced gun and knife shows looking for the perfect ninja sword, then you need to check out the sword collection at Knife Depot. You'll find everything you're looking for, from samurai swords to medieval replicas to pirate swords and more. We carry only the finest-quality ninja swords at Knife Depot, so you'll never have to settle for cheap-looking swords and accessories again. Even better, our entire selection is backed by a 60-day, money-back guarantee, so you'll get exactly the sword you need to round out your collection or start a new one.

Cold Steel Knives Katana, Wood Scabbard
Our Price: $574.99
Savings: $217.01 (27%)
Cold Steel Knives Dragonfly Katana
Our Price: $654.99
Savings: $243.91 (27%)

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